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The image archive "Das Bild des Orients" founded in 2004 by Joachim Gierlichs see LinkedIn offers a wide range of photographic material of the Islamic (Christian and Ancient) Orient to agencies, publishing houses and scholarly institutions as well to private users. Selling images is the basic to be able to run, enlarge and enhance the archive.

More and more historical photographs are also pr ented on the website. Due to the dramatic changes the Orient underwent since the 1960s, the label "historical" is given to images which are older than 40 years (in 2005). See e.g. the unknown photos and slides from Turkey and Yemen taken in the 1950s by the German geologist Dr. Erich-Holm von Prosch, one of the first oil explorers in Yemen, invited by Imam Ahmad (ruling 1948-62). His collection contains a photo showing Imam Ahmad in Sanaa on occasion of the visit of the Saudi Arab king Saud b. Abd al-Aziz (in 1954) .

Another highlight is a photo of the German emperor Wilhelm II. together with the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed V. in the open coach in Constantinople in 1917 or the general view of the Yildiz Saray with the Hamidiye mosque from the famous photo studio Sebah & Joaillier in Constantinople.

We will also present more selected photographic material from other institutions, such as the unusual photos from the estate of Johann Gottfried Wetzstein (1815 - 1905) in the Wetzstein foundation, kept in the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin .


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